Friday, April 3, 2009

Spring Is Here!

You know, I'm really glad I didn't post this on the first day of Spring as I had intended. Because, as neighbors and friends snowed here on April 1st! We woke up to a light dusting of the white stuff and it continued to snow through the morning and into the afternoon.

It was just Mother Nature's little April Fool's joke with some help from King Winter as Jake pointed out. Perfect timing, Nature. It has snowed more this year than any year I can remember in the past. Although, I did find a photograph from March 28th of last year showing my car covered in white as I stepped out of a nearby school after it had let out. So, there's that.

We are filling our days with projects and trying not to let the rain ruin outdoor plans (can anyone say the best mudpies EVER?). We felted some Easter eggs the other day, but they did not turn out nearly as nicely as WaldorfMama'! She does such beautiful work. We are taking the kids to a fun Easter hunt tomorrow. I'll post pics as sson as we get home!

Love to all!

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