Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Hello, November!

Okay, I think I'm in love with November...and I don't care who knows it!

We are experiencing a truly crisp, bright start to the holiday season and it's wonderful. I've been neglecting my knitting but my kitchen has seen more action than usual.

We're enjoying a sausage, potato and kale soup that I heavily modified from one I found on All Recipes. I'll have to write down what I did before I forget! That's how my chili turns out different everytime.

I tried out Butter Belle's Soaked Pumpkin Muffins and all I can say is - yum! They are light and moist and perfect with a generous pat of pastured butter. I've had 3 today....just don't tell anyone. And this recipe reminds me why I keep the Kitchen Aid out on the counter. When I'm not doing a lot of baking I sometimes wonder why I have it!

I just started a new sourdough starter after killing one over the summer. I used to think getting a starter going was so hard but now that I've done it a few times I think that starters are super hardy and probably not easy to screw  up. I feel so rewarded when the starter begins rising each time I feed it! It's the little things, folks.

The knitting will have to be unneglected very soon to churn out all the gifting ideas I have in my head. I'm in a definite knitting slump - one where I have lots of ideas but no motivation to get things together and get started. Also, I've decided I need a swift and a ball winder. A lot of my yarn is in skeins and that doesn't help my motivation at all. I was going to ask for one for Christmas but then it would be too late for gift knitting. I might just buckle down and buy a set myself.

What are you working on for this holiday season?