Monday, December 7, 2009

St. Nicholas Day 2009

We've had such a lovely weekend!

On Saturday evening we joined many friends in clebrating the first snow of the year. Well, we didn't know it would snow, but it was absolutely wonderful to be outdoors, around a crackling fire, feeling the frosty, fat flakes on our faces. I love this time of year.

On sunday, St. Nicholas visited our house, spreading his generous spirit to the smallest members of our family.

In the morning these slippers were full of clementine, chocolate coins and a golden walnut for each child. The kids were happy to dive into a breakfast of chocolate and oranges...that sounds good to me too!

Anyone else celebrate this year?

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Generousity and Kindness: St. Nicholas Day

Although we are not a very religious family we've decided to have a low-key celebration of St. Nicholas Day this year. Jacob has been very interested in Santa and all the myths, tales and different perspectives about who this man is/was.

In preparation for St. Nicholas Day, we are reading one story per night here. This has sparked some great conversations while reading! Jacob, sitting back finger-knitting, asks questions and makes connections between today's "Santa" and this saint. He seems really at peace while I'm reading and the stories make perfect sense to him. There's a lot of discussions about angels, heaven, and God going on around here..and I'm a bit out of my element!

On Saturday night the children will leave a shoe out full of hay or carrots for St. Nicholas' donkey and in the morning they will awake to find treats and goodies. I'm still working on what exactly they will find, though. So far, clementines, chocolate coins and a "golden" walnut with a tiny gift inside. I haven't been terribly organized about this...but it's our first year so we're learning.

Since it IS Wednesday, I'll add a little bit about my WIP (work-in-progress). I'm working on a baby blanket for a dear friend who is expecting a sweet baby girl any day now and knitting a sweater for Kaiya's naked-but-loved doll I made her. We are also thinking about adding long hair to the doll...and somehow covering her rear as well as her top!