Sunday, March 25, 2012

Weekending - Spring Edition

Ah, the weekend, takes so long to get here and is gone in a flash!

This weekend was kicked off with hunger games and dinner sans little ones
a lazy saturday (we're definitely too old to be staying up past 3am), pizza and catching up with the dvr
a walk and bike ride around the neighborhood to enjoy the sunshine
another row of knitting and pb + chocolate ice cream
wrapped it all up with a clean garage (!) and a mega-trip to goodwill - where things were only donated and nothing bought
basil + tomato pasta for dinner and an early bedtime!

Monday, March 12, 2012

I had such a busy weekend that it didn't feel like a weekend at all! Saturday, I taught a child development class for teachers on partnering with parents that lasted all day. I was able to squeeze in a quick trip to Old Navy and Trader Joe's after but, really, it was a long day.

Sunday I drove about 250 miles to meet with a doula client (not to worry, they are delivering much closer to me). That was 250 miles in rain, snow and hail. I had a harrowing adventure driving 8 miles down their mountain in driving snow that had accummulated to about 4 inches on the road. Have I mentioned that I do not drive in snow? Yeah, I was both completely sure I would die and equally proud of myself for staying alive.

Top off this busy, busy weekend with daylight savings time and you can probably guess how Monday's going! I feel out of it and not quite sure where I need to be and at what time. Gotta love springing forward!

How was your weekend?