Monday, February 20, 2012

Extended Weekending

Hooray for this long, full weekend!

Hanging out at Kaiya's school early Friday morning
Early pick up for the big brother
Saturday was Thai curry with a good friend, followed by good conversation
Girls' night, hand-me-down Barbies (that mom decided to let her keep)
Sunday was long and lazy, burgers and strawberry milkshakes for dinner
Watching Griff the Invisible

Monday brings a faraway friend's visit and chat over coffee
A baby in handknits and a (semi) clean house.

I'm looking forward to Tuesday as our weekend continues! Planning to make a fresh batch of playdough,
Get busy on some posts for my business' blog, make mini pizza's with creamy tomato sauce....

Oh! And maybe some knitting too.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Organic Family Cookbook Love

Oh my, I've been meaning to get this on the blog for know how it is with kids and life and all of that, right?

Way back in October I was sent a copy of Anni Daulter's The Organic Family Cookbook and I love it! Our family typically follows a traditional foods-type diet and so I was a little skeptical that the recipes would work for us (we don't really do any processed sugars, including agave nectar). But I'm so glad I checked it out anyway!

I think our favorite recipe so far is the Veggie Parmesan Popcorn. We eat a fair amount of popcorn and this recipe ups the flavor and the nutrition perfectly.

I eat up the Super Green Crispy Kale right out of the oven! Yum!

One of the great things about this book is the little nuggets of info and ideas throughout. Anni talks about food choices, sourcing your food, cooking with a family and "greening" your household. I love her recipe for making your own cleaning solution!

This weekend we're going to make these pastrami and blue cheese melts....they look so yummy!

Has anyone else tried out some recipes from this cookbook? What is a must-make for your family?