Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Dwindling Light

Oh heavens! I just scouted the forescast for the next ten days (ahem, snow showers? For real?) and happened to glance at the hours of sunrise and sunset; 7:20am and 4:31pm, respectively. As our dark nights get longer (and longer and longer) and daylight is at a premium, we're turning inward here to help each other find the light inside each of us.

On Thursday, we'll be celebrating Martinmas. Making lanterns, cooking warm, nourishing food and talking about giving of ourselves to help others. I'm excited to be passing along this tradition to the kids and, most of all, I'm excited for our lantern walk and soup and bread afterwards!

I found some great resources for telling Martinmas stories here, and many tutorials for creating lanterns. My favorite lantern story is here.

Here's to the fading sunlight and inner spirit!