Friday, August 12, 2011

Farm Friday

I so enjoy our trips to the local farm on Fridays to gather milk and any other goodies that the season brings! This is also the kids' favorite part of the week and it is so very hard to get them to leave. I guess I could have worse problems.

Today we visited the growing chicks and milk cows in the pasture. We've watched the chicks grow from tiny fluff balls to awkward chicken teenagers. It is quite a way to mark the passage of time.

I love the feeling of being so close to our food source and this is reflected in my children's knowledge. My four year old believes that milk only comes from farms (not the grocery store) and my nine year old says he would like to study to be a farmer someday. They understand that the beef cattle in the field will one day nourish a family and that the farm's precious baby cow, Della, drinks the same milk that we do.

Seeing the white prefold diapers blowing in the breeze as we left was the perfect way to end today's farm trip. I love knowing my farmers, their family and the animals that benefit from love, sunshine and bountiful pasture!

Have you met your local farm community yet?