Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Fresh Start

Now that I have a few blogs out there that are definitely considered my professional blogs I really am feeling the need to create something that is mine. A creative space with no goal in mind other than to record and capture this amazing yet simple gift of life.

I'll start with the realization (this is not news, by the way) that I am an incredibly lucky person. I would nearly use the word spoiled but that conjures up some very negative thoughts for me. But truly, I am blessed beyond belief in ways that I never imagined. My family is a constant joy to me and I hope that I reflect that back to them and build them up as they build me up.

I thrive in change and growth. Now that Fall is here I should probably be turning inward like hibernation but instead I cannot still my mind and my actions. There are many things out there for me right now that I am excited to seize and revel in.