Monday, March 30, 2009

Slowing Down...

It's Spring Break for the kids and for myself so we are slowing our pace a little, sleeping in later, and enjoying a lot more time in togetherness.

Yesterday was the first day around here that really felt like Spring. We visited a local park and soaked in the sun and the cool, instead of cold, air. K enjoyed splashing in a mud puddle under the swings and was quite wet before we left. This is her first long trip to a park since at this time last year she was still crawling. She loved it, as I knew she would.

I'm working on a little spring cleaning to help our declutter project. As we get closer to what we want this house to feel like I realize that we have that much more work ahead of us! There will be lots of painting to be done and work both inside and outside the house as we plant our gardens and build the remaining side to our fence. If there are any takers on a labor exchange, just let me know!

Happy Spring to all!

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