Tuesday, April 21, 2009

If I Had All the Money in the World

This is where my kids would go to school. Part farm/part Waldorf school in Port Hadlock, Washington.

I'm becoming increasingly interested in Waldorf methods for our family. At first, I just loved the natural elements of the lifestyle. I liked that children's toys looked more like pieces of art. We've been loving playsilks since before I knew they were 'Waldorfy'.

More than the objects though I like how connected every living thing is. Right now, I'm struggling with all of the 'screen time' in our life. I feel like the people I love most are too often unavailable. Not unavailable physically because they are sitting right there, but rather unavailable emotionally and socially. I am looking forward to the summer months home with Jake and Kaiya as much for the vacation from work as for the reconnection with each other and the earth.

I think that the Waldorf schooling method would fit Jake very well. He's such a free spirit. He is becoming more and more rational which also fits with Waldorf. After all, he did just get four new adult teeth!
If it were up to me and I had the money to do it, Jake would be making himself a home in the community of that school on the farm. For now though, we make our home in the public school he attends and I have to say that they are amazingly good with him and there is a very positive vibe throughout the building. I just wish for him to be in the optimal place for him...not second best.

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kate said...

don't give up! the school might offer financial aid packages.

my son goes to a really pricey waldorf kindergarten that we just ADORE. we'd happily twice as much if we could. that's how much we love it.

and we fight to keep him there, financially speaking. but, something always works out to keep the payments up. we just go forth believing we can make it happen and somehow MIRACULOUSLY, we do.

i stay home. my husband is a teacher. i have no idea how we do it. but, i am so grateful for that school. the beauty, peace and wonder of waldorf teaching is priceless.