Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Even If The Sun Doesn't Shine

I am in love with the deep curiousity and action of my young children. They can seemingly take any activity and find the best parts, you know?

Right now:

:: paper boats and mud puddles

:: relearning to knit garter stitch

:: acting out Calvin and Hobbes (hehe!)

:: wanting to cook and cook and cook

Sometimes I have to step in and curb a little of what they want to do for what needs to get done - but for the most part I let them at it. You only get one childhood!

There's still plenty of riding bikes too because - really - the best part of riding a bike is done with boots on and through huge puddles! A quick shoutout for Kaiya's Skuut manufacturers - last week her back tire popped and they just sent us a new one in the mail, free of charge. I love great customer service like that!

What are your kids doing know that the weather has turned? (or will turn soon, or doesn't turn as the case may be)


Ellen said...

Calvin & Hobbes - we love those comics. My boys have acted out a lot of those too.

Jessica said...

I LOVED Calvin & Hobbes growing up and I'm so glad Jake does too! He doesn't seem to actually get a lot of the humor bu then, he is 9. ;)