Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Autumn Cooking

I love seasonality (pretty sure I'm making that word up). The cycle of our lives - indoors/outdoors, sun/rain, holidays - there's just a natural time for everything, if we're only willing to listen.

Right now I'm filling our kitchen with fall favorites and enjoying the smell of simmering and baking.

Our roasted chicken from dinner

This chicken will make many meals just from one roasting. The bones are simmering away to make stock and the remaining meat can be used for another dinner.

My hope is to feed my family whole, nourishing meals without breaking the bank. I want our meals to bring us warmth and good health in every season but especially in these cooler, darker days of fall.

I use this simple recipe for roasted chicken from Nourished Kitchen. Do you have a favorite recipe that makes you feel warmed and satisfied?

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