Tuesday, January 31, 2012

700 Hats to Wear

I am a self-described multi-passionate me this just means that I have about a thousand different ideas that call to me. So many options for work, life and fulfillment, you know?

So this leads to today's post. Today I was feeling rushed and ragged by 9am. I was late getting out of bed (but loved the extra sleep. Ahhhh!), both kids were late to school, and I was running late for a 9:30 appointment for one of my work projects.

After dropping off Kaiya at school and realizing that there was no way I was going to be on time, I sighed. Heavily. Out loud. And then I realized was going to be whatever it was at that point. I could choose to mentally rush the traffic around me, look at the dashboard clock every thirty seconds and work myself into a self-loathing tizzy for being late or I could slow down (mentally), take a deep breath and call the person I was meeting with to let them know I would be late.

I chose the latter of these. Turns out I could relax on the rest of my drive as the person I was meeting with wasn't in yet...running late herself.

Teaching, consulting, coaching, being a doula and being present and open for my family are all things I hold dear; all things that I want to do and be. I'm learning that balance, self-care and concious choice are really important. Whether I am setting out to wear 7 hats or 700, I need to take time to breathe and savor what is good in each moment, even (or especially) when the moments present obstacles or other imperfections.

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