Friday, October 22, 2010

Knitting {This Week}

Here's what I've been busily working on this week! This is Churchmouse Yarns and Teas, Stay-On Baby Booties...a pattern I'm loving.
This is the start of a pair for a sweet cousin due with a baby girl soon. This is in Malabrigo Sock and I'm finding that I like working with the fingering weight yarn and tiny needles.

I finished another pair earlier this week in Malabrigo Worsted's Autumn Forest colorway. The little guy they're going to was born the same day that I bound off!

I enjoy knitting as part of that daily rhythm we were talking about previously. I days that I don't knit or do something creative with my hands I find that I feel more rundown, run around and just basically unbalanced and unconnected. Knitting gives me something (someone) to focus on as I create for specific reasons and specific people. Love really goes into each stitch and, like a meditation, I am able to breathe deeply and live so centered in that moment.
That is, until I start dropping stitches or tangling my yarn, then I know it's time to put it aside! ;)

What do you find centers and nourishes you?


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